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The service should not end after a client picks a benefits package.

As a local business, we believe in helping other businesses and assisting you even after the open enrollment period. That's why DK Benefits offer additional tools at no additional cost.


Additional Features You Will Receive As A Client:


Ease is modern benefits administration and HR software. It is a digital solution to enrolling and managing benefits, which eliminates paperwork and saves you and your employees time.


HR360 is a web-based platform that provides ACA and HR News alerts, newsletters, interactive tools, HR training videos and an attorney-reviewed HR Library to help your businesses effectively comply with federal and state HR and benefits labor laws and best practices.

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ezLaunchpad is our very own interactive interface that allows you to manage your employees and benefits all on one platform. Features include single sign-on (powered by Okta) and much more. 


3.0 Launching Soon 🚀


Introducing Ease


Goodbye Paper,

Hello Ease

A technology solution for

you and your employees. 


You're Ready for Online Enrollment

A solution that’s simple for your employees and powerful for you.


Employees can log in to their Ease account with their

email address or phone number, making it easy to access

their benefits information from anywhere, anytime.


HR admins and employers

You can set up your company’s PTO policy no matter how complex the policy is. For example, if you have employees who qualify for different amounts of PTO depending on their tenure, job class, or full-time versus part-time status.

You also have access to a time-off calendar that allows you to see all employee time-off requests in a monthly-view. Filter by employee and see the balance of hours each specific employee has remaining in accordance with the company’s policy.



Employees can simply request time off by clicking “Time-Off”, which they see as soon as they log in to Ease. Their Time-Off page in Ease includes a dashboard with hours remaining per policy such as PTO, sick leave, and FMLA.

Employees can also subscribe to their team calendar through calendar apps for Outlook, Google/Android, and mac/iOS.

Managers can see all PTO requests by their direct reports in Ease, and easily approve or deny the request.


A Better Benefits Experience for All


Better Decisions


Ease helps your employees make smarter decisions with copays, coverage, SBCs, and actual costs at their fingertips.


Faster Enrollments


Employees only enter their information once, are required to complete all fields, and can digitally sign enrollment forms.


24/7 Access


Employees can access Ease via web, mobile, or iOS and Android app to view important benefit details year-round.


Digital Enrollment


Ease maps employee information to carrier enrollment forms so no field is left incomplete. Employees can even e-sign their forms.

Plan Comparison


Employees can compare their unique plan details, like copays and deductibles, in a single view, helping them make better decisions.


Enrollment Progress Dashboard


Email employees about open enrollment and view a snapshot of enrollment progress for each employee directly in Ease.


Introducing HR360


Your One Stop

HR Solution

Hr intelligence at your fingertips


Award-winning HR Solutions for Your Business 


We have partnered with HR360 to provide our clients an award-winning online library that delivers comprehensive, easy-to-navigate human resources and benefits news, content, tools, and forms to companies nationwide.


Your Round-the-Clock Online HR Department


Federal Compliance Help


Easy-to-understand information on major federal employment laws including COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA and USERRA.


State-Specific Guidance


Attorney-reviewed state-by-state guidance including continuation of benefits, minimum wage and much more.


Fast Answers to Your Questions


Our FAQ sections deliver the answers you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.


Robust Library Source


Hundreds of forms, sample policies, checklists, and a sample employee handbook are available for download and customization.


Hiring & Termination Resources

A wide range of resources to simplify the hiring and termination process—a must- read for every hiring manager in your company.


Online HR Tools


Streamline workflows and save your staff time with our online job description builder, salary benchmarking and total compensation statement tools.


We’re Here to Help You Comply


Your Single Source For...

  • The latest health care reform tools and guidelines

  • How to interview, hire and terminate employees

  • How to conduct performance reviews at every level

  • Interactive tools including:

    • Job description builder

    • Performance review builder

    • Salary benchmarking tool

    • Total compensation statement builder

    • Federal and state employee handbook generator

  • Customizable employee handbook

  • State and federal compliance information

  • State labor laws guidance


Introducing EzLaunchpad


More information about EzLaunchpad 3.0 is coming soon.

Please be patient as we are working hard to completely redesign the interface and roll out this software quickly. 


Endless possibilities and management combinations await you




Organization Newsfeed

Connect with your team no matter where they are so you can keep everyone up-to-date. Team members can share ideas, images, videos and more!  (coming late 2021)


Document Storage

Go paperless with the ability to share and store large amount of documents. Use Ease to create a library for all your employees to access any time, or share documents privately.


Sneak Peak:


Single Sign-On (SSO)​

A secure entry portal that give your management team the access they need without sharing credentials!


Chat Function

Connect with our team instantly using our integrated and secured chat. Get help with employee benefits, onboarding, HR Support and portal related tech questions in a flash!

News & Information

Receive important HR updates right at your fingertips. Stay on top of compliance issues with our user friendly newsfeed.


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